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A revolutionary cure for your Project Controls talent headache... 

At PCGlobal we work with planning, scheduling, cost, contract, risk, doc controls, claims specialists and project controls practitioners.

The PCGlobal offer to Our Clients and Practitioners…

  • PCGlobal recruitment staff have been Competency Certified to at least the Preparatory Level in Project Controls by the Guild of Project Controls. We mandate this so that Clients can be assured we know and understand their expectations and vacancy needs and that Practitioners can rely on us to be capable of understanding their capabilities and role while being able to dovetail the same with that of the expectation of the prospective employer
  • PCGlobal supply Guild of Project Controls Memberships to all Practitioners who are added to our Talent Pool. Any prospective employer will then appreciate YOUR commitment to your vocation - giving YOU the best opportunities to choose from.  Go see our Membership Tool Set
  • PCGlobal utilise the Guild of Project Controls uniquely proven competency assessment process to help employers and candidates through the intricate Project Controls recruitment marketplace – save time and recruit the best people

Guild of Project Controls tests and competency assessments included in the PCGlobal recruitment offer give an independent view of your candidates through the following: 

  • Self-Assessment – how do your candidates view their strengths and abilities?
  • Online Knowledge Test – is the candidate self-assessment accurate?
  • Independent Expert Review – the detailed assessment of your short-listed candidates

Why should these be credible - all assessments taken are part of the Guild of Project Controls Certifications and membership deliverables which have been proven, written and tested by subject matter experts from the global Project Controls community.  As such, PCGlobal are confident of our ability to give a realistic and a comprehensive competency evaluation.   Here are details of each deliverable:

  • Self-Assessment - Provision of GPC Membership and access to Guild Members’ Self-Assessment Tool producing radar charts showing strengths and weaknesses against the 12 Knowledge Domains from Guild Compendium (i.e. controls, people, scope, rick, contracts, resources, planning, cost, progress, change, databases and claims).  With candidate permission, PCGlobal will provide prospective employers with 12 radar charts showing candidate self-perception of strengths in regard to their capability.  PCGlobal will rank order groups of candidates by each of their 12 scores and by an overall score.
  • Online Knowledge Test - Provision of online computer test offering questions to validate the KNOW and UNDERSTAND capabilities in relation to Planning, Cost, Claims or Project Controls (a combination of all three).  This test utilizes part of the GPC competency Certification Knowledge Base and question pool.  With candidate permission, PCGlobal will provide prospective employers with a rank ordered (by test grade) group of candidates if desired.
  • Independent Expert Review - We will provide an Independent Project Controls Expert to interview each candidate to gain an independent view or perspective following a detailed appraisal process – to Certification Standards.  PCGlobal will provide a report with Self-Assessed Score plus the Expert Interview Score, Variance and Overall Score for the same 12 Knowledge Domains from the Guild Compendium (Standards) thus demonstrating capability levels managing project controls, managing people, managing scope, managing risk, managing contracts, managing resources, managing planning and scheduling, managing cost, managing progress, managing change, managing project databases and managing claims.  With candidate permission, PCGlobal will rank groups of candidates by each of their 12 scores and by an overall score.

If you are a prospective EMPLOYER with VACANCIES you’d like to fill or a PROJECT CONTROLS PRACTITIONER ready to take on the challenge of a NEW ROLE then please GET IN TOUCH for an initial discussion so we can demonstrate to you how we can help where others cannot:

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