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Float Path Analysis

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Chris Wilson
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I am looking to view the first 5-10 critical paths to help manage a project where more and more activities are losing their float, but cant find a way of doing this easily in Asta.

Obviously the critical path is quite easy to see but the next logical path  behind it thatsay may have 1-2 days float in it is hard to find.

I have looked at using the logic path filter and numbering however these are not great as for instance if a milestone is constrained early then this is shown as a critical path which means the actual critical path  is not shown as logic path 1. It also seems to split at differing stages.

Any help would be appreciated.



Andrew Pearce
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Hi Chris,

There is a function called 

Logical path   A number, assigned automatically to tasks when you reschedule a project, that indicates the logical path on which a task is located. Tasks with lower logical path numbers are those on logical paths that contain the least amount of total float; the higher the logical path number, the more total float in the logical path. You may find it useful to monitor tasks that are on low-numbered logical paths, as these tasks are more likely to affect the project finish date if they are delayed. Hammocks are always assigned a logical path of zero. The same is true of summary and expanded tasks, even if they have incoming or outgoing links. You need to set up a view sorted by Logical path,Something like this 
Chris Wilson
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Thanks Mike, but its a lenghty programme with  a large number of different float paths. I was hoping to be able to provide full float paths from start to finish so that they could be prioritised. If I filter by total float and copy into a spreadsheet I risk losing the logic and if two float paths have the same total float it wont differentiate between them 

Rafael Davila
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That many scheduling “experts” insist on longest path when it breaks for resource leveled schedules is beyond comprehension.  I do not understand why an activity that belongs to the longest path is more critical than another activity that do not belong to the longest path but have smaller total float. The float path values do not represent a ranked order of criticality.

ORACLE what are Critical Path Activities?

  • The longest path is broken when activities are no longer driven by relationships; that is, when activity dates are driven by constraints or resource leveling. Longest path calculation includes interproject relationships. Therefore, activities designated as on the longest path may change depending on whether you schedule a project alone or with its related projects. If a project has interproject relationships and you schedule it alone, the interproject relationships are treated as scheduling constraints.

With resource, financial, supply, space constraints the existing Longest Path theory does not work.

Total floats are useful and sufficient for understanding what activities require maximal attention.

Mike Testro
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Hi Chris

You can filter on Near Critcal tasks by deducting days from the total float.

Just deduct days from the total float and copy paste the results to a spreadheet

Best regards

Mike Testro

Ben Taunt
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Hi Chris,

Is there anything in the Help Files that assists?

If not, this sounds like a question for our support team so that they can discuss with you exactly what you're looking to acheive.


Ben @ Powerproject