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Export to Excel

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moutaz aldeib
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Greetings Planners,

I am exporting project to excel from P6, the project includes 4 levels of WBS and when I export the project to Excel, it considers only the last level, how can I show all levels in Excel?




Santosh Bhat
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Moutaz, From within P6, in your activity view, select all activities (CTRL+A) l, then copy to your clipboard (CTRL+C) and then just paste into excel. this will retain.th3 grouping you're displaying if you need to keep the activity ids aligned, here is a quick tip i wrote recently:
Mohammed Ali
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Hi Moutaz

You can use the WBS Magic Tool, it's an amazing tool to display, modify and export the WBS between excel and Primavera.

This is the link: